10 Movies That Unbelievably Cut What We Wanted To See

RIP Xandar.

Prometheus Michael Fassbender

Filmmaking is such a dynamic and complex process that few films are rarely precisely the same project and vision that they started out as.

Sometimes an artist changes their mind or decides to "kill their darlings", as the expression goes, while often studios will exert their own authority over a film for cynical commercial reasons.

Whatever the root cause, these 10 films are all notable for cutting a character, plotline or payoff that audiences quite reasonably expected to see.

While in some cases it actually benefited the overall movie, that hasn't stopped many fans agonising over the exclusion.

And in many more examples, a deleted scene has simply left audiences confused, irritated or even angry, that a slam dunk element of the movie was ripped out with dubious motives at play.

But to be clear, this list won't be featuring scenes which were deleted but found their way into fans' hands on DVD - rather, those scenes which have never seen the light of day, or perhaps weren't even shot.

Again, it's not always a bad move - as several entries on this list will prove - but that doesn't mean audiences weren't left hugely curious about the "missing" material regardless...


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