10 Movies That Unbelievably Cut What We Wanted To See

10. Classic Galactus - Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Galactus

Even though 2005's Fantastic Four movie was a massive disappointment, fans couldn't help but get more excited for the sequel, which promised the presence of not only the Silver Surfer, but also legendary comic book villain Galactus.

And though Rise of the Silver Surfer gave its titular superhero a pretty solid stab, the film's treatment of Galactus - or rather, lack thereof - left most fans infuriated and underwhelmed.

In the comics, Galactus was a God-like cosmic entity who typically took a humanoid form - with an iconic helmet, no less - as he devoured worlds to sustain his own life.

But due to Fox insisting upon a "discreet" rendition of the supervillain, Galactus' traditional design was cast aside in favour of...a cloud.

VFX team Weta Digital convinced Fox to let them add some subtle visual references to the villain's classic look - you can see a fiery silhouette within the cloud at one point - but even so, removing so much of Galactus' presence in a misguided quest for discretion left just about everyone unhappy.

Cloud Galactus didn't even work on his own terms, ensuring the film's third act limped its way to the finish line - and almost immediately out of traumatised fans' minds.

Fingers are most certainly crossed among fans that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally deliver a source-accurate Galactus once the Fantastic Four joins the franchise in the coming years. It can't be any worse after all, right?


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