10 Movies That Wasted Brilliant Concepts

9. Terminator Salvation (2009)

In Time

The premise for Terminator Salvation was simple, and on paper seemed like an easy win for the franchise: What if we stopped messing about with time travel, and instead focussed on the war between man and machine that's set the entire series in motion?

With Christian Bale starring as resistance fighter John Connor in a post-apocalyptic thriller, Salvation should have been something spectacular, but between Bale's overblown performance and McG's typically soulless direction at the helm, the whole thing horribly fell apart.

With dull visuals, glaringly obvious twists, and lifeless PG-13 action sequences, Salvation watches like a rushed-out fan movie with no reason behind its existence. That may sound harsh, but there's seriously nothing here worth sticking around for, despite the potential of finally seeing the Skynet conflict on the big screen.


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