10 Movies That Were Blatant Apologies

We're so sorry for the CGI moustache-erasing, guys... so here's Superman in a black suit!

Days Of Future Past

Everyone makes mistakes - we're only human. And the folks tasked with bringing various epic and moving tales to life on the big-screen are no different.

Well, maybe except Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

What's perhaps more important than the act of fumbling a cinematic project or producing a picture that just doesn't achieve what you wished it would have, though, is how a director or studio bounces back from this sort of failure. And more importantly, how they get their audience back onside after such a disappointing outing.

In the case of the following flicks, it's pretty damn clear that all involved were doing everything in their power to either make it up to a fanbase that had been entirely let down by a previous feature or just trying to redeem what they themselves classed as a mistake they'd made earlier in their filmmaking careers.

Whether or not these feature-length apologies were ultimately accepted by the masses remains up for debate. But there's still no questioning the fact that, from second stabs at superhero ensemble epics to timeline pulverising sequels, each of these films had "I'm so sorry for that other thing" written all over them.

10. Bumblebee

Days Of Future Past
Paramount Pictures

The Transformers series was in a rather odd place in 2018.

A year earlier, the latest chunk of mindless blockbuster action by the name of The Last Knight had been pumped into existence to the sound of generally weak reviews. Yet, the fifth Michael Bay Transformers entry still managed to bring home a staggering $605 million at the box office.

Even with that financial success, though, many had grown tired of the bombastic and often senseless action-obsessed outings that relied more on painfully unfunny humour and pleasing randy teenage lads than delivering a heart-warming tale for youngsters - you know, like the OG franchise was initially designed to do?

That all thankfully changed with the creation of spin-off prequel Bumblebee; a film lovingly crafted by Travis Knight that centres around Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie Watson as she stumbles upon the titular bright yellow Autobot in the late '80s.

Infusing some joyfully vibrant action with the sort of heart that has largely gone missing in the prior five soulless creations, Bumblebee very much felt like Paramount Pictures' way of offering a robotic olive branch to those who had been longing to see the true spirit of the Transformers realised on the big-screen.

And it's little surprise it sits as the highest-rated film of the series so far...


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