10 Movies That Were Far Too Serious For Their Own Good

man of steel cavill poster Do you ever find yourself sitting down to a movie, faced with a sinking feel that the filmmakers involved missed a trick by making it far more serious than it ever needed to be? I'm getting that feeling a lot these days, given that we seem to be living in a time where movie-goers crave darker, less optimistic stories, for reasons that I'm not really quite sure of - it's all about the bleaker side of things now, apparently, which is fine when it's appropriate, but what about when you just want to go to cinema and stare at the screen with an unashamed grin on your face? That's not to say that a movie has to be fun to be good, but good old-fashioned adventures or movies that play into our adolescent fantasies seems to be sorely lacking of late. Where's the sense of wonder that we associate with more innocent pleasures? Where are the movies that we go to see just to sit back and get lost in wonderment? Simply put: what's with the all the super serious movies nowadays? I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little bit tired of all the movies that exist to be "darker, broodier" versions of stories that would've been better played with a wink. And it's possible to make "fun" blockbusters that make a ton of money: The Avengers and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, to name just a couple of recent successes. So here's 10 cinematic ventures that would have been far more enjoyable had the directors made them with their tongues planted firmly inside their cheeks...

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