10 Movies That Were Far Too Serious For Their Own Good

10. Robin Hood (2010)

Robin-Hood-Decimus-Meridius I'm sure that the initial idea of helming a serious retelling of the Robin Hood folkstory sounded like a great one when Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe came up with it whilst vacationing on - ahem, I mean "filming" - A Good Year, but it's safe to say that their take on this character fell entirely flat. Why? Because there's an inherent sense of fun and cheekiness associated with the Robin Hood story: when you try to make it into Gladiator II, it doesn't really work. Had these two opted for a less serious approach, we might've been onto something. I mean, it still could have been an exercise in "shooting a pretty movie" for Ridley Scott, and audiences surely would have welcomed a rare non-solemn performance from the serious machine that is Russell Crowe. To call this version "muddy" would be an insult to whoever worked on sets for this movie: it's muddy all right. It's also far too serious to... well, take seriously, actually.

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