10 Movies That Were Too Damn Long

8. Transformers: Age Of Extinction (2014)

Cloud Atlas
Paramount Pictures

Everybody loves a bit of Bayhem every now and again, and the Transformers franchise is the pinnacle of Michael Bay's unabashed approach to filmmaking. Each film is loud, explosive, nonsensical...and yet compulsively watchable if you're after a mindless action romp.

On top of that, each movie in the series actually gets longer as it progresses, with the 2007 original clocking in at 144 minutes and the penultimate Age of Extinction hitting a monumental and ill-advised 166 minutes.

In all honestly, the first film was too long, but Age of Extinction is in another ballpark altogether. In typical Bay fashion, the film is furious, gratuitous and far too silly to really enjoy. By the time its crosses the 90-minute mark, all your interest is drained from the story, which is just a cheap re-tread of the previous movies.

When the whole two hour forty-five minute explosion-fest has finally come to a halt, you'll be lucky if you're still awake or can recall anything that's happened.

The Transformers series has its moments, but really each of them should have been 90-minutes long tops, and even then they should have only made the one.


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