10 Movies That Were Totally Haunted

With these movies, the horror wasn't just in front of the camera - it was behind it.

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It's October, and you know what that means: It's time for spooky stuff!

Given the spirit of the season, it's only natural that we're all looking for a good scare. Often we find these scares in movies, but we can take some solace knowing that those are just movies.

Just because the movies had ghosts and demons in them doesn't mean that they were ACTUALLY haunted, right?

Wrong. At least, not in the case of these films.

Sometimes you'll find a movie that has just as much behind-the-scenes, on-set horror as what is presented on screen. Sometimes there are mysterious noises. Sometimes there are creepy lights and weird technical glitches.

Others, there are voices that seem to come from nowhere and no one. And in some cases, alleged curses follow the cast and crew well beyond the boundaries of the film set, sometimes claiming their lives in the process.

Now, are curses and ghosts real? Science says no, so this is in no way an advocation of their existence. This list is just about the creepy goings-on reported by the people associated with these films and their productions.

Let's look at films that - according to those who worked on them - were haunted by some sort of supernatural presence.


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