10 Movies That Would Make Great Animated TV Shows


For those of you around in the 80s and early 90s, you may remember the halcyon days of Saturday morning cartoons. This was an era when most films had some kind of animated tie-in screened for hyperactive kids at 7am to stop them from giving their parents an annoyance-induced aneurysm. Ghostbusters, RoboCop, Highlander and even Teen Wolf had their own bizarre cartoon incarnations, but somewhere along the way animated adaptations sadly faded into the realm of nostalgia.

One of the greatest things about animated adaptations was that movie studios clearly didn€™t see any reason why decidedly adult celluloid offerings like the brutally crude The Toxic Avenger, Arnie 'pectoral-showcase' Schwarzengger's Conan: The Barbarian, and gothic chuckle-fest Beetlejuice couldn€™t be transformed into kid-friendly series. So why aren€™t we seeing cartoons based on the likes of Oblivion or Hot Fuzz? Here are some movies that we would love to see get the animated treatment.


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