10 Movies We Want In Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4

5. The Death Of Captain America


People have been speculating for years that Chris Evans' Captain America will snuff it in an upcoming movie, resulting in his heroic identity being passed to Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes.

And given how Captain America: Civil War ended - with Cap abandoning his iconic shield and outfit - Bucky Barnes becoming the new Captain America is a reality that's closer than it's ever been.

The Death Of Captain America is a comic-book story arc that involves (you guessed it) the death of Captain America. The story dealt with the aftermath of his death, with Bucky Barnes agreeing to take up the mantle that was previously sported by his best friend.

This would be a fitting Phase Four movie, for several reasons. Chris Evans' time as Cap is almost up; he hasn't been confirmed for any more movies after Avengers 4, so if he dies in his last outing, his shield will be there for the taking.

Even if Cap doesn't die, Civil War's ending made it clear that the character is moving away from the Captain America name. This is something that Bucky could pick up in his wake. Maybe Steve retires, or chooses to abandon the whole 'superhero' thing altogether.

Plus, The Death Of Captain America features Red Skull, a character who's long been rumoured to be resurfacing in Phase Four. Why not tie all these strands together in one film?

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