10 Movies We're Surprised Directors Haven't Made Yet

Bad Boys 2

Hollywood can be a fickle business at the best of times; even when all the actors, screenwriters, directors and so forth want to make a project, it's never as easy as just getting some cash and shooting something - there are so many moving parts that, despite even the most promising project seeming to be a sure thing, nothing is certain in Hollywood. That's the only explanation why these 10 films, whether they're sequels, adaptations, or simply projects that would fit the director like a glove, have never come to fruition. There's all the excuses in the world - scheduling, monetary factors and so on - but it doesn't change the fact that these movies, for better or for worse, seemed destined to get made, yet so far haven't materialised. Here are 10 movies we're surprised directors haven't made yet...

10. Vincent Price Biopic - Tim Burton

Devil - Story of MankindThe Movie: Pure speculation on my part, but given how highly Tim Burton clearly regards horror legend Vincent Price, why hasn't he thought about making a biopic on the man's life? Shoot it in the same vein as Ed Wood - that is, in the very same style of movies that Price himself starred in - and you've got the potential for some much-needed critical dynamite for the director. Why It Hasn't Been Made: If we assume that this is the sort of project Burton would want to make, it all comes down to money. Ed Wood, despite starring rising star Johnny Depp, made only 1/3 of its budget back, and so it's clear - as if it wasn't already - that there's not really much of a market for biopics about cult figures like this, unless your name is Alfred Hitchcock. Besides, more cynically, I have to wonder - why would Burton take a breather and make a movie like this when he's got Alice in Wonderland 2 lined up, which will end up making around a billion dollars? A depressing sign of the times...

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