10 Movies Where An Actor Dies BEFORE Their Opening Credit!

Those actors who didn't even have chance to be credited before the Grim Reaper came a-calling!

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Death on the silver screen is clearly a common occurrence. Depending on what your preferred flavour of movie genres are, there's a good chance that the Grim Reaper could well be lurking in the vast majority of pictures that you opt to watch.

While a death happening in a film is pretty much standard fodder, there are those demises that stand out as being something a little different. That "different" could be in how spectacular the death is, how poignant it is, how outright gruesome it is, or in how a death drives on a particular story or character arc.

Then, though, there are those deaths that happen so quickly that the actor whose character is kicking the bucket hasn't even had the chance to be credited for their role in the movie. And it's on those sorts of deaths that the attention is on here.

Credit has to go to a Reddit thread from ScatpornCruthers for the initial inspiration for all of this, as we explore ten examples of a movie character being killed off before the actor in question has even had chance to be acknowledged in the film's opening credits.

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Branden Williams - Halloween H20

Deadpool 2 Vanessa

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is these days viewed as one of the finest actors on the planet. But back in 1998, it was a strange time in JGL's career.

Still riding the success of 3rd Rock from the Sun - which still had two seasons left to run - Gordon-Levitt was yet to become the powerhouse we see today, and his early venture into feature films found him turning up in an extremely brief role in Halloween H20.

Along with Branden Williams' Troy, Gordon-Levitt's Jimmy found himself falling foul of Michael Myers as H20 set its stall out.

As that picture opens, we're reintroduced to Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), a colleague of Sam Loomis' who had been seen previously in the first two Halloween films. With Loomis now dead, it's Marion who holds the files on Laurie Strode - which here means her house has been invaded by Myers.

Being the ever-helpful neighbours, Jimmy and Troy check Marion's house for any intruders, which results in the pair being offed by the Shape before Halloween H20's credits formally introduce us to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Branden Williams.

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