10 Movies Where An Actor Dies BEFORE Their Opening Credit!

9. Michael Stuhlbarg & Michael Pitt - Seven Psychopaths

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Martin McDonagh's darkly comedic crime thriller Seven Psychopaths is a film that constantly asks questions of its audience. Well, "question" is maybe a more fitting word than "questions" here, for this 2012 offering is essentially a movie within a movie - with the audience at times unsure whether they're watching the narrative of the actual movie itself or the movie within the movie.

Still following? Hopefully so.

This all happens due to Seven Psychopaths centring on screenwriter Marty Faranan (Colin Farrell) as he looks to develop his own film - which is conveniently titled Seven Psychopaths.

From there, McDonagh's self-aware picture delivers moments that you're not truly sure are part of Faranan's movie or instead elements of the story of Marty Faranan in the actual 2012 release. One thing that is for sure, though, is that Michael Stuhlbarg and Michael Pitt play a couple of hitmen who are taken out during the first few minutes here.

Clearly not the most professional of assassins, this duo's guard is let down to the point that another killer is able to boldly walk up behind them and shoot them both in the back of the head.

From there, the opening credits soon begin to roll.

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