10 Movies Where Evil Won

Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos
Marvel Studios

It's fair to say that most Hollywood movies follow a pretty strict structure - the hero faces a problem, they venture off on a quest to fix said problem, they battle the villain and triumph. The End.

But of course, not every film dares to follow quite that precise formula, and sometimes we'll roll credits with the antagonist coming out on top.

This typically skews towards villains who are a little more morally ambiguous in their behaviours, and perhaps have a genuinely compelling reason to be doing what they're doing.

But every so often, pure evil wins out.

It takes a little something extra for a movie antagonist to truly qualify as actual evil, because even some of the most heinous actions committed by classic cinema villains can be qualified through some measure of conflict on their own part.

These 10 villains, however, represent evil in the purest sense. From hellish supernatural forces to demented serial killers, tyrannical space terrorists and good 'ol fashioned human trash, these entities weren't merely the worst of the worst - they also won, too.

Audiences were largely left slack-jawed by the bold decision to have such pervasive villainy prevail so decisively in these movies, and in each case the filmmakers certainly made the right call not to serve up a happy Hollywood ending...


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