10 Movies Where Evil Won

10. Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell
Universal Pictures

Let's kick things off with a movie featuring literal, supernatural evil, in Sam Raimi's masterful 2009 horror-comedy Drag Me to Hell.

The plot revolves around bank loan officer Christine (Alison Lohman), who denies a loan to a European "gypsy" woman, who in turn places a curse on Christine's jacket button (and as a result, her also).

Over the days that follow, Christine is tormented by a demonic entity which plans to drag Christine to Hell after subjecting her to three days of torture.

After making numerous attempts to shift the curse - including sacrificing her dear cat - she believes she's finally passed it on by burying the cursed button with the corpse of the recently deceased gypsy woman.

But as Christine meets her boyfriend Clay (Justin Long) at a train station in the film's final scene, he reveals that she buried the wrong envelope, at which point demonic hands emerge beneath the train tracks and, yes, drag her straight to Hell as Clay watches on in disbelief.

Given the reasonable expectation from most audiences that Christine would find a way to beat the curse and live a happy life at the end, it came as a genuine surprise that Raimi went ahead and ensured his film fully lived up to its awesome title.

It's still a shocker, but still an extremely satisfying victory for evil. And to think, it was all over a bloody bank loan.


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