10 Movies Where The Villain And The Hero Are Close Relatives

10. The Lion King


Jealousy between siblings is a common occurrence that lots of people have to deal with during the formative years of any family dynamic. Toys, clothes and supremacy over the TV remote are some of the most recurrent reasons behind these fraternal conflicts. These scuffles are harmless most of the time, but with confrontation always comes the risk of crossing the line and really hurting someone. Scar is one of those brothers that don’t know when to stop.

Having endured a hard life away from luminous Pride Rock and the main pack of lions, Scar’s resentment towards his brother and what his kingdom represents has grown exponentially. A meticulous revenge has been brewing in Scar’s dark mind for years, but he must wait for the right moment to carry out his plan to perfection.

It all lines up when rebellious prince Simba is tricked into going for a stroll in a canyon as a stampede of startled buffaloes zooms by his side. Brave father Mufasa makes the ultimate sacrifice and saves the life of his son, but learns that the killer is his own brother right before punching the last ticket.

Just imagine a gut punch like that. You’re about to slip into the abyss as your brother reveals his evil master scheme; he grins in satisfaction when you finally fall. No wonder Mufasa came back as a cloud ghost, he couldn’t rest in peace after such a betrayal. Anyone ordered a slice of Ham-let?

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