10 Movies Where The Villain Deserved To Win

Things aren’t always as simple as good versus evil...

Law Abiding Citizen
Overture Films

Typically, the good guys win and the bad guys lose. On the odd occasion the movie flips the script, or the hero has to lose something important to them to achieve victory. Usually though, it’s not nice guys who finish last, but bad guys.

Most of the time, this is a good thing. We wanted the Avengers to beat Thanos, for example, or for John Connor to defeat the Terminator. There are times though when it really feels like the bad guy should have won out.

Either because of sympathy for their cause (if rarely their methods), admiration for their attitude or just by stopping and considering the story from their perspective, these villains earned a lot of fans along the way.

In the movies here, it’s not necessarily accurate to say that all the good guys deserved to lose either. It’s not zero sum. In some cases, it’s as if both sides are the hero but for different reasons. With a few changes, you could turn most of these movies on their heads and have the antagonist in the driving seat.

Either way, next time you watch these ten flicks, consider cheering for the baddies.

10. Sid - Toy Story

Law Abiding Citizen

Everyone thinks of Sid as a bad guy, but did he really do anything wrong? He was a bit of a creep and seemed like a loner, and wasn’t going to win brother of the year, but hardly villainous.

Hang on though, everybody cries, he was torturing those poor toys! Except neither he nor anyone else even knew those toys were alive. Sid was just being a creative kid, making his own toys out of random parts. He definitely got a bit weird, wanting to blow Buzz Lightyear up, but strapping a toy spaceman to a firework is hardly the work of an evil monster.

The fact he thought of using Barbie legs and a fishing rod toy to make a ‘hooker’ is just genius too.

Did he deserve to win as in should Buzz Lightyear have been exploded into a million little pieces? Of course not. But look at it from Sid’s perspective. He’s just some kid playing with his toys and suddenly they decide to go Annabelle on him?

He suddenly seems like a much more sympathetic character who deserves a much better reputation. Poor kid is probably traumatised.


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