10 Movies Where The Villain Deserved To Win

9. Hummel - The Rock

Law Abiding Citizen
Buena Vista

Ed Harris has made a career out of playing complex villains, but none more well rounded nor deserving of victory than General Francis X. Hummel. The man is a war hero whose only goal is justice for his men and reparations for the families of the fallen.

It’s a noble goal, and one nobody could begrudge him of. In fact, you can easily imagine the hero in a darker action movie having this exact storyline.

The only issue is that Hummel is threatening to unleash a chemical weapons strike on San Francisco unless his demands are met.

This is where Hummels becomes painted as a villain much more clearly, but even that goes deeper beneath the surface.

The money he’s demanding comes from a military slush fund, used to secure illegal weapons deals outside of the official government budget. He’s been turned against his own country after seeing the corruption rife in the upper echelons.

He also never planned on attacking civilians, sabotaging his own rocket launch by directing it into the sea once his bluff is called. His men, unaware that he never planned on following through, betray him and the plan collapses. An admirable anti villain if ever there was one.


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