10 Movies With Crazy Foreshadowing You Totally Missed

Hmmm... don't think Judi's gonna make it through this one.

Steve Buscemi Resevoir Dogs

The use of foreshadowing is well-documented in the cinematic world - after all, to some degree, every motion picture employs the use of this trope in order to create a sense of drama or mounting tension. Whilst some moments of presage are downright obvious, there are others that take longer to discover - even in today's internet-obsessed age, it's entirely possible for the most obscure and understated examples of foreshadowing to go undiscovered for years, regardless of the passion of those hunting down the hints and clues.

As a result, foreshadowing also happens to be one of those aspects inherent to film that tends to get cinephiles really excited. That's to say, a seemingly contextless movie moment can be rendered totally awesome if it pays off later on - and the harder to spot or the more subtle in nature, the more intelligent or clever the instance is thought to be.

There's also something of a victory in being the first person to propose a moment of foreshadowing - a certified way to confirm ultimate cinematic knowledge. What follows, then, are ten moments of intricate, subtle or downright hilarious foreshadowing that will have you shaking your head in disbelief, muttering something along the lines of: "Those sons of b*tches - why, that's absolutely brilliant." Brilliant indeed.


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