10 Movies With Crazy Foreshadowing You Totally Missed

10. "You Wanna Live Like An Animal? Go Live In The Shed!" - Shaun Of The Dead

Shaun Of The Dead

Shaun Of The Dead is a movie renowned for its frequent moments of foreshadowing, many of which were uncovered years after the movie first hit cinemas. Turns out that in writing their homage to the zombie movies of George A. Romero, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg also ended up created one of the most omen-ridden movies of all-time.

So everybody knows, of course, about the instance in the movie where Ed (Nick Frost) unknowingly describes the plot of the film in a few off the cuff sentences ("We'll have a Bloody Mary first thing, have a bite at the King's Head, have a couple at The Little Princess, stagger back here and be back at the bar for shots"), which is kind of genius in its own right. But there's also a bit of foreshadowing that you might have missed.

At the beginning of the movie, Shaun's housemate Pete shouts at Ed for waking him up and screams: "You wanna live like an animal? Go live in the shed, you thick f*ck!" Of course, this predicts the ending of the movie, in which a zombified Ed ends up living - you guessed it - outside in the shed. Fantastic.


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