10 Movies With Questionable Moral Messages

Slumdog Millionaire

Granted, if you're the type of person who bases their moral framework off movies, you're probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, but nevertheless, there is an implicit morality within every film whether it wants to have it or not. Depending on what the characters do and how the world around them reacts to this, it will be a tacit approval or rejection of a given behaviour, and in these 10 films, the moral message seems to have become a bit skewed. Whether it's a patent misunderstanding of how society actually functions or simply an attempt to tell a sexy, fun story outside of regular moral parameters, here are 10 films with moral stances that are questionable to say the very least...

10. Spying On Women Showering Is Just A Bit Of Fun - Porky's

Porky's Sure, this is common trope in 80s sex comedies, but the King of sexual moral abandonment has to be Larry Clark's sublimely funny throwback flick Porky's. In this film, Tommy Turner and his gang of high school buddies sneak into a secret brick compartment which gives them access to the girl's shower room, so they can watch through a peep hole for their pleasure. The film makes a huge gag out of it, as though it's just a bit of sexy fun, and of course, the girls are only playfully disgusted at their deviant voyeurism. Even when the PE teacher, Miss Ballbricker, comes in and makes a less-appreciative assessment of what's going on, it results in a hilarious gag as one of the boys nearly has his genitalia ripped off by her. In reality, the young girls would likely express total disgust at your "cheeky" habits, and you'd be brought up on some sort of perverse charge. Here, though, it's just all fun and games; they want to be looked at.

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