10 Movies With Random Subplots For Absolutely No Reason


At the best of times, a subplot will help to strengthen the overall arc of a movie; it will give us greater insight into the characters, their motivations and their personality quirks, yet often, screenwriters will clearly cobble together a subplot out of thin air simply to pad the running time and little else. This might equate to conveying a character morsel that adds little-to-nothing to the plot, a character to bounce dialogue off, or most commonly, a shoehorned romance that makes absolutely no sense. Here are 10 movies that shamelessly forced random subplots upon us for no logical reason at all, seemingly only to keep us in the cinema for a few minutes longer...

10. Paris Hilton's Pregnancy - House of Wax

House of Wax In the horrendous horror remake House of Wax, a group of teens are on their way to a football game when their car breaks down and, you got it, they end up stopping at the titular abode, where they find themselves fleeing from a psychopath with a tendency to turn people into wax statues. One of the supporting characters is Paige Edwards, played by Paris Hilton, and seemingly in an attempt to give her character a little more depth - beyond the absolute zero she's currently rocking - we're told that she might be pregnant with her boyfriend's child, though she hasn't told him yet. You might expect that this is thrown in there to generate sympathy for the character, given that seeing a pregnant woman get splattered isn't really something most people want to see happen. Furthermore, it fosters a level of suspense as to whether the film will go that far, right? Wrong; the film's marketing gleefully encouraged people to come see the film because it featured the unbearable Hilton being violently killed, which completely flies in the face of any suspense the film might have tried to muster. Granted, the filmmakers would not have known the marketing strategy while shooting, but still, in the final product this pregnancy arc is 100% redundant.

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