10 Movies With Ridiculous Endings

We couldn't see it coming, and we're not sure we would've wanted to.

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The ending truly is the most pivotal part of deciding on a film's overall effect, re-watchability and general satisfaction of the viewers.

A film can have an incredible opening and middle act, just to ruin it all with a clanger of an ending that undoes all of the promising work that came before it. Sometimes, the shoe is on the other foot and a fairly tepid affair will conclude with such a great ending that it made the entire duration worth it.

These are some rare cases where how good or bad an ending is can be totally subjective, but what cannot be questioned is just how ridiculous they are.

No matter how much you suspend your disbelief or try to justify why these closing scenes actually took place instead of being launched waywardly into a pedal bin in the writer's room, these endings just don't fit in with their films.

Drastic thematic turns or inability to fulfil on all of the promises from the rest of the film lay ahead, so beware.

10. Planet Of The Apes (2001)

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Tim Burton well and truly made this film his own, adding the unique (if a little goofy) twists he has become known for, although to call his Planet of the Apes an all-out remake doesn't seem quite right.

In the not too distant future of 2029, Captain Leo Davidson prepares a primate, Pericles, for a mission to scout out an electromagnetic storm that is headed for the space station, but when Pericles' pod disappears Leo quickly pursues.

He too is dragged into the storm, and when he awakens crash-landed on an unknown planet, he discovers that it is the year 5021.

This primate-ruled world has enslaved humanity, including Leo, but he manages to escape captivity. Whilst on the run he stumbles across the wreckage of his space station. Here he learns that due to the time paradox created in the storm, the Oberon had crashed here long before he arrived, and the earliest primate settlers were the very apes he had been training for space missions.

Using Pericles' pod to escape back through the storm (which lets people out in reverse order, don't ask), Leo returns to Earth to find the Lincoln Memorial carved to resemble an ape, and he is swarmed by police officers, news reporters and firefighters who are all, you guessed it, apes.

How does this work? Who knows. That's Tim Burton for you.


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