10 Movies With Ridiculously Subtle Foreshadowing That Nobody Noticed

“Why do I get the feeling you’re going to be the death of me?”

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"Why do I get the feeling you€™re going to be the death of me?"€ Obi-Wan Kenobi muses to Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode II. Hahaha, do you geddit? Because later on Anakin kills Obi-Wan, but Obi-Wan doesn't know that so him saying it now is really funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Of course that€™'s a prequel and you all know where it'€™s heading, but it€™'s incredibly emblematic of how blunt foreshadowing has become in movies. When a key plot point comes back into play the director wants to make sure everyone in the audience, even the guy more interested in his popcorn/phone, knows where it comes from. It€™'s not overtly bad - the cracking Batman Begins repeatedly hammers home that the missing microwave emitter may actually be important - but boy is it tiring.

Sometimes though, a film can surprise you and slip a deliciously prophetic moment by you fresh to pick up in the rewatch. And sometimes a film will hide something so deep it'€™ll take countless watches (or a good search of the internet) for you to gleefully discover. Here are ten of these smartly hidden foreshadowing moments that managed to pass just about everybody by. Given the nature of the is article, there will naturally be spoilers. Tread carefully.

Honourable Mention: Ed's Plan For The Next Day Are The Film's Key Events - Shaun Of The Dead

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A seemingly perfect contender for this list, in recent years this deviously simple line has become well known in fan circles. After Shaun is dumped by Liz, Ed has a genius plan to help his buddy get over her; get drunk. While zombies do get in the way a bit, the plan is lived out in a warped sense. Just have a look at what he says:€ "œBloody Mary first thing, bite at The Kings Head, couple at The Little Princess, stagger back here, back at the bar for shots.

Sadly this has been done to death. One day somebody noticed it and quickly every Edgar Wright fan spread it round the internet like a zombie plague. A couple of years ago this was hidden foreshadowing. Now it€™'s an overly well known easter egg.


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