10 Movies With Ridiculously Subtle Foreshadowing That Nobody Noticed

10. The Frame Cuts Off Gwyneth Paltrow's Head An Hour Before John Doe Does - Se7en

New Line Cinema

Given just how shocking its final act is, Se7en didn't want to leave much for audiences to piece together the ending; Kevin Spacey€™'s name was even kept off the opening credits to preserve John Doe€™s reveal. Instead, the story kept your mind incredibly set in the present with its drenched city and grimy, gory visuals. But even Fincher couldn't resist a little wink to the audience of how Mills€™ wife will end up.

After a scene of Mills and Somerset brooding over what the villain€™s plan is, the film cuts to Tracy, with the frame cutting off her body leaving her head on the screen just as we imagine John Doe does in the box. There's a few of these head shots throughout the film, turning this moment from a minor cinematography choice into subtle groundwork for the later, gut wrenching reveal.

Just before Mills kills Doe (there was a spoiler warning at the start) there€™'s a one frame flash of Tracy'€™s head, which many mistake this for being a shot of her head in the box, but it is in fact another frame of the film with her head isolated.


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