10 Movies You Could've Watched Instead Of Campaigning For The Snyder Cut

Was it really time well spent?

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The long-speculated 'Zack Snyder Cut' of DCEU's Justice League is finally being released - albeit with millions of dollars spent on filling in the blank space Snyder (through no fault of his own!) had not completed, as well as re-assembling the cast members to re-shoot a movie for a third time.

It's a ridiculous amount of effort, time and money, just to satisfy curious fans. And while the case could be made that the King of Quips (Joss Whedon) ruined Snyder's film, and that now the original director is correcting that fault, it was still a surreal campaign led by the internet on a superhero movie from 2017.

Couldn't that same energy have been channeled into other things, like... watching a different film, maybe?

There's nothing wrong with wishing for a better film, but the internet went ballistic for the incomplete, original cut that (maybe?) didn't exist to begin with, and now it's actually becoming a thing. Congratulations!

It's been affirmed that if you annoy studios enough, they'll get the band back together and remake a movie you're not satisfied with. Maybe if we kick Disney enough, they'll release the "Edgar Wright Cut" of Ant Man?

So while that bleak idea of the future of cinema peculates in the back of your mind, let's look at ten films the internet could have watched instead of spending time demanding a revision of the Justice League.

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