10 Movies You Didn't Know Are Becoming TV Shows

9. The Mist

Shutter Island HBO
Dimension Films

The filmic adaptation of Stephen King's chilling novella, The Mist, is renowned for its ability to blow the minds of anyone who happens to gaze upon it thanks to a shocking twist ending - an ending that has become more famous than the film itself. 

Which is a shame, really, because The Mist - written and directed by Frank Darabont of Shawshank fame - is a great little horror flick: taut, gruesome and unlike anything else, it's a chilling and assured exercise in bleak, modern filmmaking.

Which is presumably why it's reportedly being worked out as a potential 10-part TV series over at the Weinstein Company. After all, the premise - which sees a bunch of people trapped in a supermarket as a strange and terrifying mist containing a variety of horrific monsters covers a small town - is ripe for the television format.

Though Darabont is confirmed to be involved, it's not apparent as to whether this'll be a remake of the film or a continuation.

Is It A Good Idea? There's no reason why this couldn't work as something similar to that of The Walking Dead, especially with Darabont writing or producing. As long as it does reprise the beats of the motion  pictureexactly, of course, and opts to be something else.


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