10 Movies You Didn't Know Were Based On Real-Life People

8. Aftermath

Uma Thurman Notting Hill

Not to be confused with the numerous other movies with the same title, 2017's Aftermath is a picture based on the tragic events of 1 July 2002 and the fallout of that.

That date saw a cargo jet and passenger jet have a mid-air collision over the German town of Überlingen that killed 71 people. After an investigation, the blame for this incident was placed at the door of the Swiss Air Traffic Controller service, with the tragedy taking place close to the Swiss border.

Nearly two years after this crash, Peter Nielsen - the air traffic controller on duty at the time of the crash - was murdered in a revenge attack by Vitaly Kaloyev. Kaloyev had lost his wife and two children in the 2002 accident.

In Aftermath, Arnold Schwarzenegger headlined an adaptation of this real tragedy. Names and locations were changed, but Schwarzenegger's Roman Melnyk was very much based on Vitaly Kaloyev - with Roman's wife and daughter killed in a mid-air collision, before he himself hunts down and kills the air traffic controller who he deems responsible for causing this crash.

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