10 Movies You Didn't Realise Inspired Songs

3. Citizen Kane

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Artist & Song: The White Stripes – "The Union Forever"

Citizen Kane is one of the most influential and important movies ever made, and since its release in 1941, it's been studied by film school students, movie critics, and film buffs around the world. It was Orson Welle's first time directing, which is an amazing achievement on its own, but he also co-wrote the script, starred in the movie, and produced it.

The movie has certainly inspired many people in the world of filmmaking, but it also pushed The White Stripes to write their classic song, "The Union Forever," which was released on the album White Blood Cells. If anyone was paying attention to both the movie and the song, the connection is clear.

Citizen Kane is Jack White's favorite film, and almost every line in the song was taken from the movie:

"Sure I'm C.F.K./But you gotta love me/The cost no man can say/But you gotta love me"

"Well I'm sorry but I'm notInterested in gold mines, Oil wells, shipping or real estate/What would I liked to have been?/Everything you hate"

If you're unfamiliar with the film, it's about the life of Charles Foster Kane, an insanely wealthy newspaper magnate whose death becomes sensational news all around the world. The song's lyrics continue with the themes of the film, and once you hear the connection, it's hard to unhear it.


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