10 Movies You Didn't Realise Inspired Songs

2. Falling Down

Juno Green Day
Warner Bros.

Artist & Song: Iron Maiden – "Man On The Edge"

Falling Down is probably the most appropriately titled movie ever released. It's about a man who has simply had enough of the frustrations and annoyances in life, and when he decides that he's had enough, he abandons his car in traffic, causes a few scuffles with the law, and ultimately devolves into the film's villain.

Speaking of apt titles, the Iron Maiden song, "Man on the Edge," is based on the film, and it's really based on the film. The opening line, "Alright, the story about a briefcase, a lunch, and a man on the edge," sums up the opening scene of the movie perfectly.

It continues with a description of a man losing his head while sitting in his hot car, he's sick of waiting, and he's not going to take it any longer. The chorus is simply "Falling down" repeated six times.

Instead of covering the events of the movie in its entirety, it focuses mostly on the opening scenes depicting Michael Douglas' character coming to terms with the fact that's he's not going to take any more crap from anyone, and it closes with the chorus repeated twice to fade out with "Falling down, yeah, yeah."


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