10 Movies You Hate For The Wrong Reasons

Attack of the Clones isn't just bad. It's BORING.


While the Internet can be an intellectually nourishing environment to discuss politics and philosophy, everybody knows the real purpose of online chatter is to spit bile about awful movies.

There is of course a tremendously satisfying appeal to just railing on a terrible movie you've just seen, though it's also fair to say that online discussion can create an echo chamber of hyperbole.

Often relatively small criticisms will become overblown by being parrotted relentlessly on social media, while a movie's bigger issues are oddly ignored. If you're going to hate them, at least do it for the right reasons...

10. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman V Superman dawn of justice ben affleck
Warner Bros

Why You Hate It: More than anything, because of "Martha!", a moment so immediately meme-worthy it almost allows fans to forget Batman v Superman's relentlessly dour and convoluted plot, Jesse Eisenberg's cartoonish, non-threatening portrayal of Lex Luthor and its bloated run-time.

Why You Should Hate It: But it's easy to lose sight of the movie's biggest problem, that it doesn't even really deliver what's written on the tin.

Fans are made to wait the better part of two hours for...a mediocre fight between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) that barely lasts five minutes.

We all knew the two would eventually put their differences aside to battle Doomsday, but clearly fans deserved more than this piecemeal showdown.

It would've made far more sense for the superheroes to fight twice in the first two acts of the film, with each of them winning once before they're forced to reluctantly team up in act three.

Instead, fans got a sluggish yet rushed brawl in which Batman hits Superman over the head with a kitchen sink.

For all of the movie's many flaws, this fact isn't criticised nearly enough, since it's the most basic and pervasive way in which the film fails to deliver on expectations.


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