10 Movies You Hated Before You Even Saw Them

They didn't stand a chance.

ghostbusters kate mckinnon

Some films were bad ideas from the get-go. Whether they were offensive, misled or just plain boring, we’ve all seen our fair share of movies that were an absolute waste of our time.

If you think about all the incredible ideas that Hollywood never picks up and gives wings to; all the fresh talent and the never ending flow of new screenwriters that get ignored, it becomes doubly upsetting that these disappointing movies exist.

These films got a bad rap before anyone had even seen them, the problems with their existence being so fundamental that you could tell you were going to hate it before you even set foot in the cinema.

In fairness, sometimes the world got it wrong and what was pre-judged as being terrible became a well-loved classic, but the chances of this being the case are painfully low. For the most part if a film’s idea and reputation is bad enough to evoke this kind of reaction, it’s for a reason and seeing the thing will only make it worse.

We all know you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover, but when its cover looks like this who can really blame you?

10. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

ghostbusters kate mckinnon

People were already thinking the worst of this film from the moment it was announced. Superhero movies bring in a lot of money and so the studio producing them will do anything to maximise profit, including interfering with the director’s vision and otherwise messing with the cut.

Sony certainly had a few fumbles in its past, ranging from ruining Raimi’s movies by overstuffing them with characters right through to creating a whole reboot just to hold onto some film rights (The Amazing Spider-Man number one, I’m looking at you).

With audiences knowing everything would be so money-motivated and generally losing faith in Sony, everyone dunked so hard on this film without ever even seeing it.

The thing is, neither of the Amazing Spider-Man movies were even that bad; it just seemed that they lacked any soul, exactly as people predicted.

Whilst it at least isn’t a boring repetition of Raimi’s offerings, after a semi-promising first half it falls back into exactly what Sony always does: Bad guy, big fight, boring resolution. Yawn.

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