10 Movies You Wish Were Made Differently

9. A More Family-Friendly Tone - Michael Bay's Transformers Movies

Shia Labeouf Transformers
Paramount Pictures

On paper, the Transformers franchise seemed absolutely ripe for a live-action blockbuster adaptation.

And then Michael Bay got involved.

Though Bay's original Transformers is actually relatively tolerable by the series' increasingly braindead standards, it nevertheless established a style and tone which would define every Bay-directed film which followed.

The primary issue was that the films hewed away from the more child-friendly vibe of the animated series and comics, instead aiming for the hormonal adolescent boy demographic.

Hence the over-abundance of painfully unfunny crude humour, and the overt sexualisation of pretty much every single female character.

Worse still, the scripts were jam-packed with offensive racial caricatures, cardboard human characters, and over-complicated plotting ensuring each film was a good half-hour longer than it actually needed to be.

In order to stay true to the source material, these films needed to be earnest action-adventure movies with simple plots, a smaller cast of human characters, and a focus on rock 'em sock 'em robot action. Bay at least did a passable job with the latter, but he got pretty much everything else wrong.

Thankfully franchise spin-off Bumblebee finally proved the sixth time to be the charm, by fixing practically every issue fans had with the mainline films and even adopting a more source-faithful aesthetic.


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