10 Music Film Biopics Not Yet Made

Music divides opinion even more than cinema does so no doubt there will be many contentious points on my list...

In the wake of the shocking but not too surprising death of the €˜King of Pop€™ Michael Jackson there will undoubtedly be a biopic(s) of the troubled star€™s life hot-shotted into production soon. (There has already been one rather creepy biopic on MJ made starring Flex Alex-f***-ander €“ yes, the guy fromSnakes on a Plane) In light of this inevitable movie, here at What Culture we decided to compile a list of the Top 10 music biopics we€™re actually looking forward to seeing. Some of these artists have been the subject of long-rumoured projects that have not yet escaped development hell, while some of the others are just artists whose stories I think would make a pretty fucking awesome biopic. Music divides opinion even more than cinema does so no doubt there will be many contentious points on my list, regardless, click to "read more" because after the jump we have the Top 10 Music Biopics Waiting to be Made€

#10 - Guns N€™ Roses - €œCivil War€

Often referred to as €œthe most dangerous band in the world€ Guns N€™ Roses€™ ascension to the position of rock royalty and their subsequent implosion has been well documented, both on paper and by the media €“ but never on film.

Guns N€™ Roses, and in particular front man and co-founder Axl Rose, have been no stranger to controversy from their very inception. The excesses of the likes of Slash and Steven Adler are legendary and confrontations with other bands, fans and each other became commonplace.

In recent years, due to the ever-changing line-up and the most long-awaited and disappointing album in history, the Guns N€™ Roses name and Axl Rose especially have become somewhat of a joke, but at the height of their success the band lit a rocket underneath the fledgling LA metal scene and are responsible for some of the greatest rock songs of all time.

Knowing Axl Rose, the chances of a Guns N€™ Roses film ever making it to the big screen during his lifetime are probably less than zero but if we ever got to see theGuns N€™ Roses of the late 80s-early 90s immortalised on celluloid it could be one of the most hard-hitting and controversial biopics ever.


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