10 Music Film Biopics Not Yet Made

#9 - N.W.A. - €œStraight Outta Compton€

While Guns N€™ Roses moniker of €œthe world€™s most dangerous group€ was more an exaggerated media creation, N.W.A. literally encompassed that phrase.

The group were the pioneers of gangsta rap and their influence is far-reaching €“ without N.W.A. we may not have had an Eminem but I suppose on the plus side we may not have been subjected to Ice Cube€™s film career.

Their story is again one that is fuelled by controversy €“ brushes with the law, violence, death and the usual bouts of infighting. Unlike Guns N€™ Roses though, there is a very good chance we may see anN.W.A. biopic sooner rather than later.

In the wake of the moderate success of Notorious, studios went scurrying to find another rap story to tell and if rumours are to be believed, then N.W.A. could very well be that story.


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