10 Non-Horror Films Scarier Than Most Horrors

10. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

By far the most child-friendly entry on the list, Willy Wonka And TChocolate Factory might seem like an odd inclusion here, but there are plenty of creepy elements and moments in the film that warrant its place. An obvious place to start is with the Oompa Loompas; unforgettably identifiable by their orange skin, green hair, grumpy demeanor and super low-pitched voices. They are genuinely creepy, and the stuff of kids nightmares, no doubt.The Oompa Loompas aren€™t the only frightening thing about this childhood classic though. There are also a heap of scenes that are hard to erase from memory, including poor Augustus Gloop getting himself stuck in a pipe and that wickedly trippy boat ride through the tunnel that is near vomit-inducing. Not to mention Wonka€™s freakout near the end (€œI said good day, sir!€) which comes as a very unpleasant shock from a man who seemed nothing but nice prior to this. The Chocolate Factory may be a magical place full of fun and wonder, but it€™s one heck of a scary place, too.
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