10 Notable Movies Featuring (Mostly) Two Actors

9. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity may not be an art-house triumph like Antichrist, but it is an impressive low-fi achievement in its own right.

Shot for just $15,000, the movie revolves almost entirely around a couple (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) faced with a malevolent supernatural presence in their home.

To be clear, they're not quite the only actors in the movie: there are four brief scenes featuring other characters, but they largely serve as punctuated breaks in-between the suspenseful set-pieces, which are trained entirely on Featherston and Sloat.

It's a divisive film for sure, but director Oren Peli does a fantastic job making these two characters feel isolated despite the populated suburban setting, and despite their lack of acting experience, the leads do fine work selling the terror.

Much of the heavy lifting is done in the viewer's head, but as a boundary-pushing exercise in minimalist horror, it's iconic and influential for a reason.

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