10 Notoriously Bad Movies With A Single Redeeming Feature

Knowing Plane The odds of any movie actually coming out all right in the end are pretty low, which means that - generally speaking - most feature films tend to fall into the "it was okay" and "it was really, really bad" categories. It's not like anybody sets out to make mediocre or terrible movie on purpose, though - there are too many variables at work to ensure that things are going to go anything but wrong. A genuinely good movie only ever emerges when absolutely all of the elements inherent to a picture are brought together in perfect unison, after all. It doesn't happen very often. With such an abundance of bad movies out there, then, you'd have thought that we'd all have gone insane by now, having been exposed to poor effort after poor effort, our expectations crushed and twisted at every turn by movies that failed to live up to the hype. But it's the little things that keep us interested, as was the case for the 10 movies assembled here, all of which were mostly bad, terrible or unforgivable, but were inclusive of a single feature that redeemed them to the point where we weren't totally aggravated that we spent money to see them. Kind of.

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