10 Obscure Background Movie Clues That Explain Everything

Titanic offered a perfectly good explanation as to why Jack didn't climb on the door.

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Perhaps now more than ever, movies come under intense, painstaking and obsessive scrutiny. There are pages online dedicated solely to finding plot holes and pointing out aspects of films that don't work or don't make sense.

These things are going to happen, simply because no movie can be perfect and in some cases any potential 'mistake' is judged not to be a major distraction. This also means that it's not uncommon for an audience to be left with an unanswered question or two, or a real headscratcher of a moment once the credits start rolling.

Film narratives can vary greatly in their intricacy or their simplicity, however, there is always room for a detail that doesn't get noticed. Even if this detail turns out to be vitally important with regards to answering questions come the end of the story.

Characters' whereabouts and motivations, the truth behind a certain decades-old mystery, and even one of the most famous perceived plot holes in cinematic history were all explained at the time with something that most people completely missed.

10. Electro Knew Who Spider-Man Was - Spider-Man: No Way Home

Blade Runner Deckard Eyes
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One of the criticisms that have been made of Spider-Man: No Way Home since its release in 2021 is that there were too many villains - and there were. The story could have done without any one of Lizard (Rhys Ifans), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), or Electro (Jamie Foxx), particularly when it seemed as though the latter had no right being there anyway.

The way that Doctor Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) spell worked was that it brought villains from across the multiverse who knew Spider-Man's true identity to Earth-616. Four of the villains in No Way Home learned that Peter Parker was Spider-Man before their deaths in their respective franchises, but not Electro.

Max Dillon died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before learning his rival's secret, but there is one line of dialogue that arguably explains why he was brought over by the spell. As he told it, he was stuck in the grid absorbing data when he was pulled to a different universe, which could have come in the form of just about anything.

Within the unlimited realms of the internet, there could have been the slightest bit of proof that Spider-Man's name was Peter Parker, whether it was a snippet of footage, or maybe the fact that Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) called Spider-Man Peter pretty damn loudly during the final battle with Electro. He didn't need to know who Peter Parker was, which is why he could still be surprised when Peter took his mask off, all he needed to know was Spider-Man's name. If Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) could figure it out, so could a guy living in the grid.


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