10 Obscure Cult Horror Films

9. Fascination (1979)

fascination Fascination was directed by French vampire maestro Jean Rollin. He has directed many erotic tinged horror movies over the years and for my money - as a Rollin fan girl - Fascination is the best of all his movies. The film is interesting for featuring Hard Core Porn French Goddess Brigitte Lahaie in a straight (though kinky) acting role In an abattoir, some a la mode Parisian women gather to drink ox's blood for anemia. A thief takes refuge in a mansion looked after by two women - Eva and Elizabeth. They aren't scared by the thief and they are incredibly sexy and seductive. It so happens that they are part of a blood drinking cult of vampiric aristocrats. Lesbian sex scenes a go go (as per usual for a Jean Rollin movie), in all seriousness, this is Rollin at the peak of his directorial and creative powers. Rollin's films are instantly identifiable - like Jess Franco's and Dario Argento's - you can just tell you are watching a Rollin picture. The quality of acting is secondary to the physical beauty of his performers. Aesthetics are everything to Rollin. There are some striking images from the film - most notably a nearly naked Brigitte Lahaie wielding a giant scythe with a determined glint in her eye. The film has a slow leisurely pace and the viewer feels like they are peeking into Rollin's personal obsessions. I want to spread the Rollin cult, that's why I chose Fascination. That, and it just happens to be a mighty good horror film.
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