10 Off The Wall Movie Casting Choices That Were Somehow Awesome

10. Channing Tatum Doing Actually Funny Comedy In 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street Before we saw him going on a raging drug bender in 21 Jump Street alongside Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum partook in an endless line of forgettable rom-coms and intolerable dance movies, with the occasional tough guy brute character thrown in for good measure. When I first heard that he would appear in a fully-fledged comedy, I was apprehensive, because as far as I was concerned, Channing Tatum had one dimension, and that dimension was "standing around looking handsome, I guess, but not really doing anything memorable at all." Imagine my surprise when Tatum's casting - and to have him go full-on comedy, too - turned out to be a revelation of sorts. I mean, he's being genuinely funny in 21 Jump Street, and his chemistry with Jonah Hill is damn near awesome. Considering that near-enough everybody on the planet thought that this unnecessary "movie remake of an obscure TV show" was going to suck in its entirety, it was brilliant that Tatum proved himself to be a viable comic talent and that this was actually a pretty great movie... well, you shocked the outta me, anyway, Tates.

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