10 Offbeat And Frequently Silly Frankenstein Films

10. Blackenstein (1973)

"To stop this mutha, takes one bad brutha" The wannabe Blaxploitation version of the Frankenstein story, Blackenstein concerns the story of Eddie, a Vietnam veteran who loses both of his arms and both of his legs in the conflict after stepping on a land mine. However, all hope is not lost, an eminent surgeon can attach new limbs. His assistant fancies Eddie's girlfriend and maliciously switches the injections so Eddie is given a dose of monster DNA turning him into a rampaging killer. Companion to other African American themed horror films such as Blacula, Blackenstein is rather rubbish cinema - and definitely not so-bad-it's-good cinema. Opportunistically claiming to be Blaxploitation, and trying very hard to be a serious film as well, Blackenstein really milks the mad scientist angle for all it is worth - with labs full of bubbling vials and thunder and lightning to emphasise the atmosphere. The acting is woefully wooden and the special effects are shoddy. Plus it is up there with Faces Of Death for use of the most inappropriate music at the most stupid times. If you have watched Blacula, you will be very disappointed with this film. The best thing you could say about Blackenstein is at least he isn't a pimp. Actually, on second thought that might have improved the film.

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