10 Oldest Characters In Star Wars Universe

Is there anyone older then Yoda? Find out, you will.


Whether you’re a huge Star Wars nerd, have watched a couple of the movies, or even only simply heard of the antics that have happened in a galaxy far, far away, everybody is familiar with Star Wars.

In terms of longevity, few properties have had the same constant fan demand as Star Wars, as the cinematic franchise and its various spin-offs across other mediums have been passed from generation to generation. How well do you really know your Star Wars stuff, though?

Here, we’re going to explore the oldest characters and creatures ever included in the collected world of Star Wars.

After Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, of course, 2014 saw the majority of the famed Star Wars Expanded Universe tie-in novels and comics rendered non-canonical. As such, those tales and their characters are sadly having to be put aside for this article – meaning no place for old-timers such as Durge, Rell, Arden Lyn, and Rokur Gepta.

With those names out of equation, then, here are the oldest characters to ever exist in what is now perceived to be the standard continuity of Star Wars.


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