10 On-Set Injuries That Forever Changed Actors

Taking suffering for your art to a whole new level.

Warner Bros.

You might assume that when dealing with such a precious commodity as a highly bankable and talented Hollywood actor, moviemakers would handle them with the utmost care. Well, it turns out Hollywood health and safety policies ain’t sh*t because on-set accidents and injuries are more commonplace than you’d think.

Maybe it just comes with the territory for those working in the risky business that is show. When you’re running around pretending to be everything from assassins to CIA agents on film sets that are simulating explosions and other such stunts around every corner a few bumps and bruises are probably to be expected.

Some on-set ouchies are quite easily walked off – bruises fade, bones fix and wounds heal, after all. Other actors, however, aren’t so lucky and have sustained injuries so serious that they’ve caused lasting and sometimes permanent damage to their bodies.

The trappings of show business no doubt cushion the blow of those injuries somewhat but there’s only so much Academy Awards, fan adoration and massively inflated wage packets can compensate for … especially when you’re left with mangled bones, permanent scars and missing body parts.


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