10 On-Set Injuries That Forever Changed Actors

9. Uma Thurman – Kill Bill

Syriana George Clooney

Part of the reason Quentin Tarantino and his former muse Uma Thurman didn’t speak for years was a scary accident that occurred on the set of Kill Bill that could’ve been avoided if a stunt driver had been used.

Despite voicing her concerns that the rickety old Karmann Ghia the Bride drives in the opening scene of Vol 2 might not be in the best working condition, Tarantino cajoled her into doing the stunt herself. The actress ended up speeding at 40 miles per hour down a dirt road before losing control and crashing into a palm tree which left her with a concussion and serious damage to her neck and knees.

Fifteen years on from Kill Bill, Thurman still experiences chronic pain in what she’s recently referred to as her “permanently damaged neck” and “screwed-up knees” as a result of the accident. Physical pain isn’t the only lasting effect of the incident, however.

Thurman’s trust in Tarantino as a colleague and friend was effectively broken and their successful working partnership came to an end. Quite literally adding insult to injury, footage of the accident was also withheld from Thurman by the Brothers Weinstein until Tarantino finally released it to her this year following Harvey Weinstein’s downfall.

Though the gesture goes some way to atone for Tarantino’s negligent actions, it’s a case of too little too late.


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