10 Original Cuts Of Horror Movies We'll Sadly Never See

Were these films too harrowing to ever see the light of day?

Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC)

It's safe to say that no other genre in the history of film has suffered so badly at the hands of both producers and censors than horror.

Producers often chime in on what they think an audience wants to see, and then the censors pipe up about what they think the audience shouldn't see. At worst, this can end up being a 'too many cooks' scenario in which the final cut of the film is not reflective of a director's original intentions.

And let me tell you, horror fans don't take this sort of thing lightly.

Genre enthusiasts go mad for this stuff, often doing their part to help the director's intended vision come to light; be it via fan-edits, tracking down lost footage, or petitioning for an updated home video release, horror fans will never be truly satisfied until they can see their favourite fright flicks in their original uncompromised states.

The films that we are covering here today are some of the most sought-after and coveted amongst those who love all things spooky. So try not to get too sad when you realise that we're likely to never see them in their intended forms...


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