10 Out Of This World Sci-Fi Horror Movie Deaths

Exploding heads and orifice-invading aliens abound in the sub genre's goriest shocks...

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Sometimes, a supernatural chiller or stock standard slasher just won't cut it. For the seasoned horror fan, there are times when seeing a group of interchangeable teen archetypes getting sliced and diced by the same old masked madman isn't invigorating enough.

These are the times when you come to the cinema, or the vintage VHS bargain bin, in search of something truly scary, some shocking bit of inventive gore which sticks with you long after the film's plot and characters have faded from memory. As creative as slasher killers can be at times, they can't hold a candle to the body-warping alien invaders and science-gone-too-far experimental monsters that crop up in the horror genre's sci-fi-inflected efforts.

Sci-fi horror just hits different, as the countless fans of Netflix's mega popular hit series Stranger Things can attest. Sure, they may have initially begun watching the show thanks to the superb cast, but you can bet that the gory Demogorgon attacks and escalating-ly gruesome body horror keeps viewers glued to their seats (even if they are watching from between their fingers).

With this in mind, this list is here to give a definitive rundown of the goriest shocks from the history of this scary sci-fi sub genre, from the influential classics to some all-but-unknown under the radar efforts.


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