10 Out Of This World Sci-Fi Horror Movie Deaths

9. Reynolds Goes First - Life

Lizzy Caplan Cloverfield
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Safe House helmer Daniel Espinosa must have been taking notes when he was watching Deep Blue Sea. The director of the earlier vehicle for action cinema stalwart/ Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds cast the actor in his 2017 sci-fi horror Life alongside Donnie Darko's Jake Gyllenhall, and beside the weedier Brokeback Mountain star, audiences had a pretty good idea who would make it out of this alien encounter alive.

After all, he's Ryan Reynolds.

Which makes it all the more shocking that Reynolds' character is the first to die, with his unexpectedly early demise taking place during the crew's second encounter with Calvin, the malicious little monster they've allowed aboard their vessel.

Unlike Deep Blue Sea, however, this star's shocking exit does not skimp on the gruesome detail. At this stage of the flick, the soon-to-be human-sized alien that the crew are facing off against is little bigger than a hand...

So it's still small enough to work its way inside Reynolds' mouth and proceed to devour him alive from the inside out.

So, fair to say that no one safe in this sci-fi thriller which just went from "standard Alien pastiche" to "gripping the cinema hand rest and searching for Valium" in one gory, unforgettable sequence.


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