10 Overlooked Horror Slasher Movies That Deserve Your Attention

There's more to slashers than Halloween and Friday the 13th.

Jensen Farley Pictures

In the wake of the original Halloween's box-office success, there was one sub-genre of horror that proceeded to dominate the entire landscape - the slasher flick.

These tales were typically centered around masked killers dispatching attractive young adults in increasingly gruesome and creative ways. Often with a 'whodunit' element at play, or a wicked sense of humour that underpinned their more cruel and harsh components.

Fans of the slasher genre have a metric butt-ton of content available to while away the long winter nights, but not all low-budget slice and dice pictures are made equally. For every genre-defining masterpiece like Halloween or Scream, there are at least ten shoddy knock-offs that can barely raise a smile, never mind your heart rate. But for those willing to dig deep into the annals of slasher history, there is an untapped treasure trove of films that can appeal to any depraved taste.

Such films are the subject of this list, which may not be entirely unfamiliar to those in the know, but for those with more "mainstream" horror tastes or a passing appreciation for the fine art of the slasher film, these are the overlooked gems that you should immediately add to your list.


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