10 Painfully Long Movie Marathons You Have To Do At Least Once

Epic binge sessions that should come with a health warning.


The movie marathon is the ultimate sign of fan devotion. In a world where geek culture is now the norm, fans are constantly looking for fresh ways to show off their love and taking out a whole day (or, in a couple of cases, more) to sit down and watch your favourite franchise from beginning to end is a true badge of honour.

The phrase 'marathon' isn€™'t just about length; they are truly knackering experiences that, like their namesake, you vow to never do again once you come out the other end.

If, however, you fancy dabbling, here are ten crazy movie marathons that are more than worth a go, ranging from the easy beginner runs to the ones that would tire even the most experienced moviegoer.

Light spoilers are present, but if you'€™re contemplating watching all the films of a series in one go, odds are there€™'s some risk here.


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